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Score BIG on Good Health AND Savings with Our Mattress Sale!

NOW is your big chance to enjoy state-of-the-art mattresses at warehouse-low prices thanks to San Angelo/Bronte’s cost-cutting champs, Maverick Wholesale Furniture! Thanks to our top brands, extensive inventory, at last the sleep solution you need is within your reach. 

Massive Bargains on Classic Twin Mattresses

If you’re small or getting a new mattress for a child, one of our sturdy and inexpensive twin mattresses may be just what you need while remaining within your budget. These innerspring mattresses have perfectly calibrated coils that handle usual wear very well. Just be sure to tell your little ones not to jump on the bed! These mattresses provide basic body support so growing children can get the rest they require for developing to their fullest. 

Awesome Queen Mattress Deals at Maverick

Move on up to first-class comfort and health with one of our celebrated memory-foam queen mattresses. The experts say to replace your mattress at least every 10 years. So this routine task is your opportunity to radically improve your quality of life! Memory-foam mattresses have come a LONG way since they debuted on the market in the ’90s. One of our hot-selling queens from a leading brand is an unbelievable but very real 12 inches thick. About 700 pocketed coils, the best kind, take over your body’s support from your aching muscles, bolstered by a strong foam core. But all you feel is the reassuring softness of the memory-foam top fitting itself exactly to your contours even if you sleep on your side. That and swaths of support foam send you off to literal dream sleep, the deepest and most healing kind, 7-9 hours a night like a good mattress should!

Luxurious King Mattress Sale Specials

And when you and a partner want to really sprawl out in unsurpassed luxury, a king mattress from Maverick’s floor or on order is ready for you to enjoy! Our highest-end king mattresses boast amenities such as hypoallergenic covers and foam that minimizes motion disturbance, a benefit if one of you moves around in your sleep or you have different waking times.

Our never-ending mattress sale at our San Angelo/Bronte, TX furniture store is YOUR gain, 24/7 online and in-store!